CityVille Embassy Suites: Everything you need to know

We've been able to add plenty of hotels to our towns in CityVille, and even lots of branded businesses, but the two areas are just now taking off in a big way with the launch of the Embassy Suites hotel in our towns. Unfortunately, you'll need to be a player in the United States to access this feature, and must also be Level 7 or higher. If you meet those two requirements, you'll be able to place the Embassy Suites hotel in your city and won't have to worry about any sorts of building materials or staff.

The Embassy Suites costs 5,000 coins in the store and as it's technically a business, it will require 100 Goods to operate. Once you've collect 20 mastery points (by completing this supply Goods / collect profits cycle 20 times), you'll have earned total mastery for the Embassy Suites and will receive a themed Embassy Suites Hotel Welcome Cart as a reward. This exclusive prize is only available to earn by mastering this branded business, and the Embassy Suites itself will only be available for the next two weeks.

Finally, there's a themed collection that goes along with this Embassy Suites hotel, as you can collect five materials and will earn 2,000 coins and 5 XP when you trade it in. At the end of this promotional period, the Embassy Suites will transform back into a Bed and Breakfast, so at least those players outside the US aren't missing out on a permanently branded item for their towns.

What do you think of this Embassy Suites? What other sorts of hotels or branded businesses would you like to see arrive in CityVille? Sound off in the comments!