CastleVille Skippy's New Place Quests: Everything you need to know

If you've completed George's quests in CastleVille, you've likely been introduced to a pet rock named Skippy. Apparently Skippy's mood has been a bit altered recently, so a second quest line has been developed and released to users Level 27 and above that will help us get to the bottom of Skippy's change.

Pet Rock Blues

  • Feed Skippy 2 Times

  • Have 5 Sand

  • Buy 2 Flowers

Fountain Mount

  • Have a Finished Royal Garden

  • Gather 25 Water

  • Have 5 Compost

The Compost are earned through a general news item placed on your wall, while the Royal Garden can be purchased in the market. To build it, you'll need to have 18 Stone Blocks, 20 Gold Bricks, 40 Pails of Water and 12 Royal Seals. The Royal Seals can be earned through a general news post, and you can ask your friends to send you the Stone Blocks. The Gold Bricks and Pails of Water must be earned / created on your own. After that, you'll need to have enough staff to actually finish construction of the Royal Garden. If this sounds like a set of fairly difficult tasks, remember that these quests are level-locked to Level 27, so Zynga clearly only wants veteran players to be left with these tasks as they'll (in theory) be more prepared to handle them.

Conserve This

  • Have a Finished Conservatory

  • Craft 5 Crafted Glass

  • Tend 20 Flowers in Neighbors' Kingdoms

The Conservatory requires 10 Stone Blocks, 16 Gold Bricks, 10 Crafted Glasses and six Silver Ingots to finish. You'll also need to staff it with friends to finally finish it off.

Hot Rockin'

  • Have a Finished Royal Spa

  • Craft 15 Cotton Cloth

  • Have 8 Fancy Hair Combs

The Fancy Hair Combs are earned via a general news item on your wall, while the Royal Spa is another item collection task, requiring you to gather six Stone Blocks, 10 Gold Bricks, four Cotton Cloths and 15 Pails of Water.

One More Try

  • Visit 10 Neighbors

  • Craft 5 Fried Fish

  • Craft 1 Angle Finder

Prep Work

  • Have 12 Hammers

  • Harvest 30 Oats

  • Have 20 Bags of Nails

Interior Decor

  • Have 10 Gold Bricks

  • Craft 3 Stained Glass

  • Have 8 Lamp Oil

The Lamp Oil can be earned by posting a general news item on your wall, asking your friends for help.

Story of My Life

  • Craft 3 Ornate Tapestries

  • Craft 12 Rope

  • Have 30 Berries

Cathedral Construction

  • Have a Finished Cathedral

  • Collect Taxes on the Cathedral

  • Craft 8 Grape Juice

Holey Place

  • Move Skippy

  • Craft 10 Candles

  • Have 6 Sheet Music

To put this all into perspective, this quest series will have you build a new home for Skippy, as his current location (wherever you have him in your Kingdom) simply isn't good enough anymore. The ultimate goal of building the Cathedral is definitely a time-consuming process, but if you take your time at completing each step, without become panicked, you'll eventually finish them off just fine. Good luck!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

Are you looking forward to this challenging set of quests? Have you already started working on them, or are you still below Level 27 in the game? Sound off in the comments!