Google+ got no game? PopCap, EA will pull Bejeweled Blitz shortly

Bejeweled Blitz
Bejeweled Blitz

Where did Google's game(s) go? All Things Digital reports that not only does Diamond Dash maker Wooga plan on cutting ties with Google+, the search giant's social network slash social game platform, but so does PopCap and EA. As early as next week, Bejeweled Blitz will no longer be available for play on Google+. You'll have to go to Facebook for your fix ... but chances are you never left.

That's most likely why developers like Wooga and PopCap turn a blind eye to Google+. Despite reportedly having 100 million plus users, the players just aren't there. Of course, this is a speculative conclusion we simply have to come to, as Google has yet to release data on how many players there are on Google+. (Protip: More times than not, silence leads folks to assume the worst.)

With two developers out of the picture for now, the future of Google+ as a games platform looks rather hazy. If some of social gaming's biggest names have dropped out, will the little guys follow suit? More importantly, what will Google do to keep those folks from abandoning ship? And to think Zynga and Loot Drop just launched a brand new game on the network.

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