Pioneer Trail Who is Best for Bess: Everything you need to know


If you've been playing Pioneer Trail ever since Bess was first introduced in the game (way back during the New Year's Eve event of 2010), you've seen her have fleeting romances with multiple characters, including Hank and Lt. Flintlock, but she's never been able to settle down with her one true love. We're now being given another chance to help Bess find love via the "Who is Best for Bess?" feature that brings eight new goals to the game.

There are two new crops available to plant with this feature, along with new animals to win along the way. Altogether, there are 11 goals to complete in total, with the aforementioned group of eight being repeatable goals that will release on a daily basis. Here's a guide to finishing all 11 off, and a look at the many prizes you'll receive along the way!

Three Overall Goals

Help a Gal Out

  • Have 20 Cowgirl Hearts

  • Complete the 2nd Goal Twice

  • Complete the 4th Goal Twice

Cowgirl Hearts are earned by completing the eight repeatable goals that you can find below. You'll receive 3,000 XP, 1,000 coins and two Black Bear Cubs for completing this first overall goal.

Testin' the Waters

  • Have 75 Cowgirl Hearts

  • Complete the 5th Goal 3 Times

  • Complete the 6th Goal 4 Times

Rewards: 4,000 XP, 2 Jack Rabbits and 2 Cute Rabbits

Date to Remember

  • Have 135 Cowgirl Hearts

  • Complete the 7th Goal 4 Times

  • Complete the 8th Goal 4 Times

Rewards: 5,000 XP, 2 Anniversary Mystery Crates, 3 Crazier Cakes

Repeatable Goals

The Moon is Shining

  • Collect 20 Cold Milk (tend Adult Cows)

  • Collect 10 Large Haybales

  • Sell 15 Adult Cows

Rewards: 100 XP, 300 coins, 1 Cowgirl Heart

Love Like Thunder

  • Harvest 15 Horseradish (available on the free gifts page)

  • Collect 10 Agates (from tending rocks)

  • Collect 15 Beaded Necklaces

Rewards: 200 XP, 400 coins, 2 Cowgirl Hearts

What a Doll

  • Collect 40 Fancy Blouses (harvest cotton)

  • Collect 25 Cowgirl Hats (feed Adult Cows)

  • Craft 5 Dress Boots

Dress Boots are crafted using Leather Patches (earned from friends) and Pink Leather Dyes. These Dyes are earned by tending Pink Beats and are dropped at random. You'll earn 200 XP, 400 coins and two Cowgirl Hearts for completing this goal.

Impressin' Bess

  • Make 5 Meat Pies

  • Collect 25 Perfect Lilacs (Lilacs are on the free gifts page)

  • Collect 10 Perfect Peaches (tend Peach Trees)

Rewards: 400 XP, 2 Cream Cows, 4 Cowgirl Hearts

At this point, if you've finished all four of these repeatable goals, you'll receive a Romantic Loveseat for your Homestead.

Making Time for Love

  • Collect 30 Chicken Feed (harvest corn)

  • Collect 35 Ox Chow (harvest wheat)

  • Collect 20 Horse Chow

Rewards: 600 XP, Soldier Cow, 6 Cowgirl Hearts

New Found Love

  • Collect 30 Pink Saddles (tend horses that you can ride)

  • Collect 30 Cowgirl Skirts (harvest flax)

  • Craft 4 Silver Heart Necklaces

The Necklaces require you to first craft Silver Necklaces using Raw Silver (from steel forges) and Silver Clasps (from friends), before eventually combining them with Silver Hearts (from friends) to make the final Silver Heart Necklace product. You'll receive 700 XP, a Red Eye and 8 Cowgirl Hearts for completing this goal.

Wining and Dining

  • Collect 30 Long Stemmed Sunflowers (harvest sunflowers)

  • Make 5 Romantic Dinners

  • Harvest 25 Mountain Blueberries (available on the free gifts page)

The Romantic Dinners are crafted using Buttery Potatoes, Grilled Chicken and Chocolate Strawberries in a two-step crafting process. When you complete this goal, you'll earn 800 XP, a Cowboy Cow and 12 Cowgirl Hearts.

New Horizons

  • Collect 35 Pristine Horseshoes (tend horses that you can't ride)

  • Tend 30 Adult Cows on Neighbors' Homesteads

  • Collect 25 Romance Books

Rewards: 900 XP, Crazier Cake, 10 Cowgirl Hearts

If you finish this second set of four goals, you'll receive an Animal Zoo building for your Homestead. While that might not sound very impressive, if you place this building on your Homestead and then collect its daily bonus, you'll be given a chance (each day) to receive a premium animal that might otherwise only be available by purchasing it with Horseshoes.

While wedding bells might not be ringing for Bess just yet, these goals should get her one step closer to eternal virtual happiness. We'll make sure to let you know if this Bess romance angle takes another direction or receives more content, so stay tuned!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of these goals in the Who is Best for Bess series? Is there a particular in-game character you think Bess could be happy with? Let us know in the comments!