Survey: Nearly half (44 percent) of mobile gamers are newbies this year

Mobile gaming baby
Mobile gaming baby

We know mobile gaming is on the rise, but a lot of people seem to be just getting the hint. According to a survey conducted by Information Solutions Group on behalf of Bejeweled maker PopCap Games, 44 percent of mobile gamers have only just started playing on smartphones or tablets in the last 12 months. Not only are mobile gamers playing said games more often, but the craze ropes in more new gamers annually.

The survey was conducted asking 1,004 people 34 questions through a questionnaire between this past April 25 and May 1. Of course, one of the qualifications for the survey was that respondents have played a mobile game within the past month. While gender breakdowns and other figures haven't changed much, what has is the fact that tablet gaming is on the rise.

Well, at least in those that own both a tablet and a smartphone--33 percent of mobile gamers own both a tablet and a smartphone. According to the survey, those fortunate enough to own both a tablet and a smartphone play on their tablet 58 percent more often than their smartphone. And speaking of mobile gamers playing more often, 45 percent of mobile gamers are playing daily. Now we want to see that completely unrelated work productivity survey.

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