Montreal Teacher Suspended After Reportedly Showing 'Dismemberment' Video

teacher suspended for showing dismemberment video

A Montreal high school teacher has been suspended after being accused of showing a shockingly graphic video of a gay porno star purportedly dismembering his lover, a Chinese college student (pictured, left).

The male teacher, who hasn't been named and has been suspended with pay, has reportedly expressed regret. He appeared before a school board hearing Wednesday. Police are also conducting an investigation into the matter and criminal charges against the teacher are a possibility, The Gazette of Montreal reports.

The teacher reportedly showed the gruesome video as part of a history and citizen course at the Cavelier-De LaSalle High School in southwestern Montreal on June 4, the same day German authorities captured Lin's suspected killer, Luke Magnotta, in a Berlin Internet cafe, ending an international manhunt.

In the 11-minute video, Magnotta, a 29-year-old porn actor, allegedly tortured Chinese student Jun Lin, beheading and dismembering his body, "eating his flesh with a knife and fork and performing sex acts on the corpse," according to the Daily News of New York.

Students interviewed said the teacher frequently discussed current affairs and asked students if they wanted to see the notorious video, which has been posted online.

"At first the teacher didn't want to show it, but because the students wanted to see it, he agreed," the Globe and Mail quotes 16-year-old student Jean-Francois Vautour as saying. "We would have found a way to see it anyways."

Lin, a 33-year-old Concordia University (Montreal) student from China, was murdered on May 24. His torso was found five days later in a suitcase that had been left for garbage pickup. Other body parts reportedly were shipped to destinations throughout Canada, though Lin's head has yet to be discovered.

The teacher expressed regret to school administrators on the day of the incident. Given the gravity of the case, the school has said that it is moving quickly in making a decision on the teacher's fate.

Quebec's education minister, Michelle Courchesne, told reporters that the teacher showed "a total lack of judgment" in deciding to show the video to his students.

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