Game of the Day: Bubble Struggle II

Struggle against bouncing bubbles in today's appropriately named Game of the Day, Bubble Struggle II. Clad in a trenchcoat and sporting giant sunglasses, your goal is to ace every level by busting bubbles with your arrow gun before they can touch you. Adding to the fun, there's also a survival mode (called "Staying Alive") and three 2-player modes where you get to play on the same keyboard with a friend.

Completing a level involves getting rid of every bubble by popping it, which sounds easy, but here's the challenge -- the bubbles break off into smaller pieces that can still kill you if you touch them. Eventually, you shoot these into even smaller pieces to defeat the stage. In some stages, your arrow gun shoots shorter arrows, which means the arrow might retract before the bubble gets to it, bringing you perilously close to dying. Levels also get progressively more complex, involving such things as platforms and ladders. If you want a shooting game without the spray-and-pray, and an action platform game that allows you to use your spatial smarts, then play Bubble Struggle II. Best part is that you don't have to do it alone either.

Play Bubble Struggle II!

How many levels have you beaten in Bubble Struggle II?

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