FarmVille Master Lu Training: Everything you need to know


While it may not have been given much focus upon your entry into FarmVIlle's Jade Falls, the home of Master Lu sits on the terraces to the left side of the screen, and serves as far more than just a decoration. Via this building, you'll be able to interact with Master Lu in a series of challenges that will reward you handsomely along the way. You'll be timed as you complete these features, with only certain challenges being available every few days. Here's a full look at the Master Lu Training challenges to help you know what to expect when you begin them in your own game!

Stage 1: Gathering Supplies

  • Get 7 Bread Crumbs

  • Get 7 Water Bottles

  • Get 10 Hiking Sticks

These items are earned by asking your friends to send them to you via a combination of general news items posted on your wall and individual requests sent to friends. When you complete this first challenge, you'll receive 150 ZP points (Jade Falls' new form of experience points) and a Mini Maze decoration for use on your new farm.

Stage 2: Get Staffed Up!

  • Ask 7 Friends to be Staff in Master Lu's Sushi Bar

Rewards: 50 ZP and 7 Turbo Chargers

Stage 3: Order Up!

  • Get 8 Friends to place orders with Master Lu for sushi

Rewards: 150 ZP and a Stone Pillar decoration

Stage 4: Fill the Counter

  • Get 9 Sashimi

  • Get 9 Sushi

  • Get 10 Maki

Rewards: 300 ZP and a floating Sushi Bar decoration

Stage 5: Construction Crew

  • Get 7 Friends to be Crew Members to rebuild Master Lu's home

Rewards: 75 ZP and a Terra Cotta statue

Stage 6: Floor Planning

  • Collect 8 Sets of Blueprints from friends

Rewards: 225 XP and a Mystery Game Dart

Stage 7: Rebuilding

  • Get 12 Mud Bricks

  • Get 12 Clay Stone

  • Get 12 Hay Roofs

Rewards: 450 ZP and a Big Gong decoration

Stage 8: Expedition

  • Recruit 9 Friends for your Mountain Trip

Rewards: 100 ZP and a Boat Hook for uncovering Water Fortunes

Stage 9: Planning the Route

  • Get 12 Friends to send you a Mountain Map

Rewards: 300 ZP and a Pig-O Token

Stage 10: Gather Equipment

  • Get 15 Climbing Tents

  • Get 15 Climbing Boots

  • Get 12 Climbing Axes

Rewards: ZP and a Master Lu Gnome

At this point, Master Lu will leave on a journey of self-enlightenment, but we're given an in-game hint that he will return at some point. We'll make sure to keep an eye on things and will let you know when Master Lu reappears in the game and how you'll be able to interact with him as soon as we know more!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

Have you started completing any of Master Lu's challenges, or did you not even realize that they were there to complete? Sound off in the comments!