FarmVille Jade Money Tree: Double your money in a year


Whether you've ever purchased a Money Tree in FarmVille or not, you're likely familiar with the concept. By investing some real world cash in these virtual trees, you'll be able to double your investment in a year's time, if you're patient and dedicated enough to actually collect everything that's owed to you.

A new money tree has launched alongside the release of the Jade Farms farm, and appropriately enough, this tree is called the "Jade Money Tree." It works the same as others in the feature, but has a base with themed details to set it apart from others you may have already purchased. This Jade Money Tree costs 260 Farm Cash, and you'll be able to collect from it once a week for a full year (52 weeks), earning 10 Farm Cash each time you do so. That means you'll end up with 520 Farm Cash at the end, which is double the amount you originally started with.

You'll have just 12 days to decide whether or not to invest in this Jade Money Tree, but don't worry about losing out on Farm Cash if you wait a few days. Each tree starts on a timer when its purchased, so while your friend(s) may have purchased a tree days or even weeks before you did, you'll still earn 520 Farm Cash. In that example, you'll simply be collecting Farm Cash after these friends' years have expired.

What do you think of this Jade Money Tree? Will you purchase one, or would you rather keep and spend the 260 Farm Cash right now without waiting? Sound off in the comments!

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