FarmVille Jade Falls Items: Wind Chime Tree, Goblin Shark and more


Tonight marks another addition to the Jade Falls limited edition item theme in FarmVille, as a new set of items has been released in the store on a two-week time limit. While these items might look perfect in your new Jade Falls farm, remember that you can purchase them on other farms if you'd prefer, and can even gift them to friends (if they cost Farm Cash, that is). We're here with a look at these newest Jade Falls items, so let's get started!


Japanese Lilac Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Japanese Privet Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Wind Chime Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Giant Wind Chime Tree - 60,000 Jade Coins or 14 Farm Cash


Goblin Shark (Water Only) - 200,00 Jade Coins or 16 Farm Cash
Japanese Spitz - 12 Farm Cash
Smew - 2.5 million coins of 16 Farm Cash
Kimono Cow - 20 Farm Cash
Lotus Horse - 26 Farm Cash


Japanese Estate - 25 Farm Cash


Zen Stone Path - 5,000 coins
Zen Rock III - 4,000 Jade Coins or 2 Farm Cash
Zen Rock II - 100,000 coins
Tea Ceremony Gnome - 12 Farm Cash
Zen Rock I - 1 Farm Cash
Bonsai Garden - 5 Farm Cash

Avatar Clothing

Yukata Male - 5 Farm Cash
Yukata Female - 7 Farm Cash

As we said before, these items will only be available to purchase for the next two weeks, so make sure to shop for them now, while they're still fresh on your mind, before they expire entirely.

Which of these items will you purchase for your farms? Will you dress your avatar up in one of these new outfits? Let us know in the comments!