Club Penguin gets leotard-laden for Marvel Super Hero Takeover

Club Penguin Marvel Super Hero Takeover
On the island of Club Penguin, a meteor has struck, somehow granting the evil Destructobot dangerous power. Of course, it's up to the penguins to suit up and stop the machine's reign of--you guessed it--destruction. That't the general premise of the Marvel Super Hero Takeover event in Club Penguin, starting today and running through July 3.

In this event, Club Penguin players can dress up their characters as up to 14 different super heroes and villains from Marvel's now-mega-popular super hero team, The Avengers. For the duration of the event, Club Penguin has been transformed into something more suitable for heroes to romp around in, including a bank, jail, and superhero headquarters for good measure.
Club Penguin Marvel Super Hero Takeover screens
Interesting enough for the kiddies in Club Penguin is the fact that players can decide whether to destroy or defend Destructobot as either a hero or a villain. (And yes, that includes Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel, Iron Fist and Nova for the purist fans.) The Avengers are on a tear, with their very own (and successful) Facebook game and now a Club Penguin tie-in. Players interested can visit the Marvel Super Hero Takeover page to find out more.

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