Maplestory maker looks to rise above with Cloudstone on Facebook

CloudstoneFor all the interesting original games and established properties MapleStory creator Nexon has brought to Facebook, not many have stuck. With its more recent releases, Korean free-to-play gaming company looks to change that. First, it was engrossing 3D kart racing with KartRider Dash, and now it's adorable, traditional dungeon crawling with Cloudstone.

Developed by Playsaurus, Cloudstone is a heavily story-driven role-playing game that sees players hunt down monsters and loot throughout various dungeons. Given the title, all of said dungeons rest inside of giant floating stones. Like most games on Facebook, the story isn't terribly important, but Playsaurus and Nexon at least present the lore in a more interesting way: comic book-style stills.

Players can traverse the world (and underworld) of Cloudstone as a fire-flinging mage, a stout warrior or a disciplined monk. Within those three classes are various skills players can unlock as they level up, and the game features a full-blown equipment and character customization system. At first glance, Cloudstone looks as if Diablo ran into a rainbow, but without the real-time multiplayer. (Players can bring in their buddies asynchronously.) See for yourself--Cloudstone is available to play right now.
Cloudstone screens
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