Ranch House (Style Spotlight)

ranch home
ranch home

By Amy Renea

In a world of 5,000-square-foot suburban homes, charming bungalows and soaring loft space, my little ranch sometimes seems to pale in comparison.

I have often stared at the front of my home, wondering how to make it look more like the beautiful Colonial down the street or how to give it a rustic, log cabin feel. Sometimes I even dream about a second story addition and twin chimneys. Then I give up and realize that I will never win trying to make my ranch style home into something that it is not. Instead, I need to focus on the characteristics that make a ranch unique and capitalize on them.

Adding unique entryways, paths and other landscape features can emphasize the natural lines and materials of the ranch home. Today we are going to take a look at some ranch style homes that are not your average ranch. They have added features that make the ranch sexy again.

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Identifying a Ranch Style Home
Identifying a Ranch Style Home