A new 'With Friends' game hits the ville: Matching With Friends

Matching With Friends
Matching With Friends

Where this "With Friends" game is going, there are no words. Zynga has a new release in its hit turn-based game series out in Australia and Canada known as Matching With Friends for iPhone and iPad. According to Sydney Morning Herald, this brand new "With Friends" iteration distills the core play loop in Words With Friends into simply matching colored blocks.

Was strategically creating words on a board too much work for gamers? That seems to be Zynga's line of thinking, at least. Set loose last week on the Australian and Canadian App Store, Matching With Friends is headed for the U.S. and other Western App Stores in the coming weeks. However, Zynga is predictably tight-lipped on the situation.

Like most Zynga games on iOS devices, both a free, ad-supported version will be available as well as a paid, ad-free version for $2.99 AUS. According to Sydney Morning Herald, Words With Friends co-creator Paul Bettner said the idea for Matching With Friends was inspired by picnic blankets and other items, but later turned into blocks. Will Matching With Friends prove even more popular than Words With Friends? For the sake of mental stimulation, one might hope not.

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