Hidden Chronicles Master Chronicle Puzzle: Everything you need to know


I hope you've been practicing your item hunting and jigsaw puzzle skills, because they're about to be put to the test in Hidden Chronicles. The biggest challenge we've ever faced is upon us, as the leader of the Guardians has come to your Manor to give you information that only your uncle knew before he disappeared. Your task is to find the Master Chronicle, and you'll do this by "uncovering Geoffrey's Secret," which is an easy way to say that you'll need to collect a slew of different puzzle pieces and then put them together to uncover final clues.

There are three main parts to this Master Chronicle Puzzle, but each of those is split into smaller sections. Right now, the first and second Sets of puzzles pieces are available to find (the rest will be available later), with Set 1 (of five) containing 24 puzzle pieces (of 60) and Set 2 containing just five pieces. Set 1's pieces can be earned by posting a general news item on your wall for your friends to click on, while Set 2 can be earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors. Puzzle pieces in either Set will also drop at random when playing regular scenes within the game (again, this is a random chance, and not a guarantee), or you can purchase them with Estate Cash.

Once you've started to collect puzzle pieces, you can head into the assembly screen at any time to try and put together those that you've gathered. This will be a time consuming process, getting the full 60 puzzle pieces, but there's the promise of "Geoffry's greatest secret" waiting for you on the other side. That's more than enough incentive to start digging for puzzle pieces, wouldn't you say?

How many pieces have you collected so far? Sound off in the comments!