Game of the Day: Ice Breakers


Not to be confused with Nitrome's Ice Breaker, which made our Game of the Day back in January, today's Ice Breakers is a original! Featuring a group of blue penguins sporting hard hats, Ice Breakers is a match-3 puzzler where you work for a cranky foreman to build the city before the Emperor Penguin arrives.

On par with the construction theme, matching four colorful blocks or more can net you special power-ups, such as dynamite. These will appear on your left and can be dragged atop your playing field to blow up blocks. The point of each stage is to zap enough blocks from each color listed on the left before the timer runs out. There's 35 levels in all. If you finish up with that and still want more, then move right onto Ice Breakers: Penguin Pirates!

Play Ice Breakers!

How many levels have you completed in Ice Breakers?