Pioneer Trail survey hints at restaurant and photo shoot features

It might be safe to say that Zynga is running out of new gameplay ideas for Pioneer Trail, as the game's latest surveys hints at some pretty random ideas for features that might be coming soon to a Homestead near you. While there's of course no guarantee that any of these feature ideas will actually become reality in Pioneer Trail, it's not unusual for these surveys to be released just days (or at most a few weeks) before the final versions of these proposed ideas see the light of day. So what do players potentially have to look forward to?

First, we're asked which kind of restaurant we'd like to open on our Homesteads, and are given some fairly standard options like a Steakhouse or BBQ joint. Next, we're given a couple of hints as to a potential "frontier photo shoot" feature. Apparently, we'd get to dress our in-game avatars up in themed clothing (Victorian, Native American and even Bear costumes are some of the items on this survey's possibilities list) and then take their picture on equally themed backgrounds (a Ranch, Desert, Orchard, etc.).

There are just three questions in this entire survey, but the possibilities for how these features could be implemented in Pioneer Trail are fairly endless. If we know Zynga like we think we know Zynga, I'd expect either one or both of these features to launch in the game within the coming weeks alongside new goals and even new buildings to construct. If that ends up being the case, we'll make sure to let you know. In the meantime, head over to the survey's page to give Zynga your own opinions on the matter.

Do you like any of the ideas in this Pioneer Trail survey? Are you excited about the potential for photography to come to Pioneer Trail, or does that simply stray too far from the original theme of the game? Sound off in the comments!