Ninjatown: Trees of Doom looks to climb its way up the Android charts

First released back in May of 2010, Venan Entertainment's Ninjatown: Trees of Doom was one of the first apps to usher in the "endless runner" genre on iOS, as players were challenged with climbing a tree as far as they could towards the clouds while avoiding a slew of obstacles along the way. The game has gone through plenty of updates and price changes in its two years on the App Store, but is now available for free on iTunes for both iPhone and iPad. This status quo might have been fine for some, but Android gamers were still being left out of the equation! That all changes today, as Ninjatown: Trees of Doom has officially launched in the Google Play store for download on most Android devices.

The Android version of the game is free to download, and comes with Facebook integration, allowing you to share and compare your high scores with your friends. You'll also be able to take advantage of a free daily spin of an in-game wheel, where coins can be won and then spent on power-ups or costumes for the game's tiny ninja hero.

If you've always wanted to try Ninjatown: Trees of Doom, but have never had access to an iOS device, now is definitely the time to jump right in.

Click here to download Ninjatown: Trees of Doom on Google Play --->

Are you excited to finally be able to play Ninjatown on your Android device? Sound off in the comments.

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