Game of the Day: Think Ahead


Pick a number, any number! But numbers have consequences in today's Game of the Day, Think Ahead, a competitive puzzler best described as mathematics meets chess. You've the choice to play against another human or the computer, which comes in three difficulties: Easy, Medium, and Expert.

The game itself takes the form of a hot air balloon match where the player with the highest altitude wins. Your balloon rises depending on the numbers you select. Positive numbers make your balloon go up, while negative numbers bring it down. What's dastardly about this rather straightforward concept is that you're forced to pick numbers from columns that the other player has picked, and vice versa.

This creates an interesting dynamic where you can jostle for columns by forcing each other's choices to land in the columns you want. After all, both wish to nab all the positive numbers and avoid the negative ones, but there's only so many positives to go around. Let me warn you that even on Easy, everyone finds the computer notoriously hard to defeat. But if you feel like you're good with numbers and up for a challenge, Think Ahead will definitely deliver.

Play Think Ahead!

Have you ever beaten the computer before in Think Ahead?