Google+ games goes grim: Diamond Dash maker to pull its top games

Diamond Dash Google+
Diamond Dash Google+

Things aren't looking so hot for Google+ in the games department these days. After not hearing much from the division of the search giant for some time, the next bit of news is that Diamond Dash maker Wooga will remove its games from Google+. Gamezebo reports that Wooga will no longer offer its games on Google+ as of July 1.

While it's not exactly clear how many of the search sultan's 100 million plus social networkers play, we can't imagine the number is very large if one of the largest developers around looks to pack up and ship out. And since Monster World is already no longer around on Google+, that means Wooga's biggest games, Diamond Dash and Bubble Island, are next to go.

If their performance on Facebook is any indication, we're willing to bet that Diamond Dash and Bubble Island were at least up there on Google+ at a point. Clearly, that's no longer the case, so either Wooga's games are underperforming or the players simply aren't there. And if the latter is the case, how long before other big-time developers follow suit?

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