CityVille loses its hand to Zynga Poker by over 2 million players

CityVille falls
CityVille falls

Well, it was a good run, CityVille. The number one social game on Facebook has finally lost its top spot ... to yet another Zynga game. Zynga Poker is officially the number one game on Facebook, according to AppData, with 34.8 million monthly and 6.8 million daily players. CityVille now has just 32.4 million monthly players and 4.6 million daily players, AppData reports.

While this might look like Zynga's titans merely changing hands, CityVille has been the number one game on the network since essentially its launch. However, ever since it peaked at about 100 million monthly players (and much less when Facebook changed its metrics around), it's been on a near-constant downward slope. In fact, Zynga Poker didn't even need to grow to take the top spot on Facebook--it just had to wait out the giant.

With CityVille no longer the big kid on the block (and a poker game on top, no less), what does this mean for the social gaming landscape? Are simulator games finally on their way out? Will SimCity Social by EA, Playfish and Maxis suffer from terrible timing, or rush up to claim the throne for itself? Who knows, but what's clear is that this is the end of an era in Facebook games.

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