Oregon Couple Faces Tsunami-Size Fine for Pool

west linn pool fine
west linn pool fine

UPDATED: with comments from one of the homeowners.

One Oregon couple determined to hold onto a pool that they built in protected wetlands faces an upstream battle against their town that could potentially wash away their bankroll.

A couple in West Linn, which several times has been rated one of the top 100 places to live by Money magazine, is staring at a tsunami-size fine for allegedly building a pool on their property (pictured above in a Google Maps image) without obtaining a permit, The Oregonian reports.

Troy and Gina Bundy, who were issued citations by the local police department last week, have been ordered to pay a retroactive fine dating back to November 2009, when the pool was built, for every day it remains in the wetlands area, the newspaper says. The fine is $1,000 a day, according to West Linn's assistant city manager, which means that the Bundys may be required to shell out close to $1 million for the violation.

The Bundys pleaded not guilty to prohibited use of a water resource -- in this case a protected ecological zone along a river -- and a court date is set for August, where Troy, who is an attorney, reportedly will represent himself.