About 100 years of Fruit Ninja is played daily, and other neat factoids

Fruit Ninja
Fruit Ninja

As you may already know, Fruit Ninja is two years old this month. To celebrate, developer Halfbrick Studios released a robust update pumped up full of features. But the developer also released a slew of facts about the game to Pocket Gamer. No, not those kind of facts--more like interesting figures and statistics to remind us that, yes, Fruit Ninja is a kind of a big deal.

For one, the game has been downloaded over 300 million times in the past two years. Despite being a two-year-old game, Fruit Ninja boasts more active players than the combine populations of New York, London, Beijing, Paris, and Tokyo. Now here's a gem: These millions of players have sliced more than 1.5 trillion pieces of digital fruit with their frenetic fingers.

If you tally up the time spent playing Fruit Ninja daily, it amounts to around 100 years daily, Halfbrick told Pocket Gamer, and that might not be a shocker considering the game is packed into one in every three iPhones in the U.S. Sure, figures like these are all back-patting, but don't hate the player--hate the game. Well, not this game in particular--we mean the "game" in general ... you get the idea.

Are you still flaying fruit after two long years? What do you hope the next Fruit Ninja game does with the series? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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