FarmVille Jade Falls Items: Japanese Crabapple Tree, Lotus Lanterns and more

The Jade Falls item theme continues to expand in FarmVille this week, as farmers are being given a chance to purchase these new items on their new Jade Falls farm or their other farms. There are new animals, trees and more to purchase but remember that if you want to have these items on multiple farms, you will need to purchase duplicates of each. Here's a look at these new items!


Japanese Crabapple Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Japanese Snowball Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Hand Fan Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Giant Hand Fan Tree - 14 Farm Cash


Blue Samurai Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Japanese Serow - 16 Farm Cash
Yin Yang Sheep - 100,000 Jade Coins or 16 Farm Cash
Zen Chicken - 18 Farm Cash
Purple Dugong - 80,000 Jade Coins or 10 Farm Cash


Zen Garden - 14 Farm Cash
Monk Gnome - 12 Farm Cash
Dragon Statue - 50,000 coins
Lotus Lanterns (Water Only) - 2,000 Jade Coins or 2 Farm Cash

Remember, these are just the limited edition items that have been added to the store. If these aren't enough to complete any design ideas on your new Jade Falls farm, there are plenty of additional items that are permanent additions that can be purchased once you've earned more Jade Coins. Just make sure you take a look at these particular items sooner, rather than later, before they expire from the store!

Which of these items will you purchase for your farm(s)? Sound off in the comments!