FarmVille Jade Falls Chapter 2 Goals: Everything you need to know

As more farmers are given access to Jade Falls in FarmVille, we've seen the release of Chapter 2 of the Jade Falls goals. There are only six goals to complete in all, and you'll receive free avatar clothing, trees, animals and more for your farm in exchange. Here's a complete guide to finishing off all of Chapter 2's goals, so let's get started!

Welcome to Jade Falls

  • Get 6 Tabi Shoes

  • Harvest 10 Azuki

  • Improve Mountain Palace to Stage 1

Rewards: 25 ZP, Kimono Avatar Outfit (for both male and female avatars), Geisha Sheep, 425 Jade Coins

Many Jars

  • Get 8 Water Jars

  • Harvest 8 Mori

  • Harvest 2 Geisha Sheep

Rewards: 50 ZP, Dove Tree, 850 Jade Coins


  • Get 8 Tea Spoons

  • Harvest 10 Jade Bamboo

  • Make 2 Hamachi Maki

Rewards: 75 ZP, Tori Gate, 1,275 Jade Coins

With Certain Tea

  • Complete Jade Paddock

  • Harvest 8 Sticky Rice

  • Make 2 Pho Soup

The Jade Paddock is currently suffering from some issues that Zynga has acknowledged and is apparently working to resolve. If you can make your way through this goal, you'll receive 100 ZP, a Chinese Hackberry Tree and 1,700 Jade Coins.


  • Get 9 Silk Cloths

  • Harvest White Cloud Tea

  • Uncover 1 Small Bamboo Fortune

Rewards: 150 ZP, Pyeon Jong, 2,125 Jade Coins

Tea for Two

  • Get 10 Tea Bowls

  • Master Geisha Ewe

  • Make 2 Milk Tea

Rewards: 200 ZP, Great Gerbil, 4,250 Jade Coins

These goals will only be available to complete for a limited time, so make sure to work on them as fast as you can so that you can earn all of these rewards before they expire!

[Via Zynga]

Are you enjoying your time in Jade Falls thus far? What would you chance about this new farm, if you could? Sound off in the comments!