Bubble Safari Cheats & Tips: Use power ups to increase your score


As you play through Zynga's bubble-popping Facebook game Bubble Safari, you'll come across a variety or power ups that can be used to increase your score or simply make the game more entertaining to play. Some of these power ups must be activated before you play, and can only be used a single time, while others can be activated by completing certain requirements within a level. We're here with a look at Bubble Safari's power ups, straight from Zynga itself.

On Fire Mode

  • Activated by making bubbles drop on three shots in a row. That is, you'll need to make bubbles other than those that you've just destroyed drop. Say you destroy a group of three pink bubbles, and four purple bubbles drop with them. You'll need to complete such shots three times in a row to activate the On Fire mode, which gives you three fire bubbles to shoot after that.


  • This power up allows you to undo your previous shot on a level, but it can only be used once. If your ricochet off of a wall doesn't land exactly where you had planned, simply undo the shot and try again.

+2 Friends

  • This power up allows you to access two extra "Bubbles from Friends" per level. These bubbles can be activated whenever you choose, so if you happen to need a yellow bubble (as an example) but don't have access one, you can click on one of your friends' yellow bubbles to make it the active one!

Level Peek

  • This power up gives you a chance to plan your moves ahead of time, as you can scroll your view to the very top of the screen. This allows you to see larger groups of bubbles that you should aim for first, and it can be used three times once you purchase it.

+6 Extra Bubbles

  • As the name suggests, this power up gives you six extra bubbles to shoot at the screen before you run out.

Starting Birds

  • When you activate this power, you'll start a level with three point-multiplier hummingbirds waiting for you, giving you an instant boost in your points from the very beginning of a stage.

Extended Aim

  • This power gives you the chance to view the path your shot will take all of the way up to its destination. That is, instead of showing you a dotted line that disappears as it travels up the screen, this power extends that aim to the final location that the bubble will land, allowing for complete accuracy in your shots.

Extra Fire

  • Instead of requiring you to activate the On Fire Mode, this Extra Fire power will simply give you a Fire Bubble whenever you need it.


  • In regular gameplay, if you hit a beehive, you'll be swarmed by bees and will lose bubbles as a result. If you activate the Beehive power, you'll be able to avoid three of these bee swarms in a single level.


  • In later levels, you might run into spawners, which can add additional bubbles to your board, preventing you from completing a level in some cases. This Spawner power will send in the point-multiplier hummingbirds to counteract this.

Poacher Trap

  • Poacher Traps can often cause you to fail a level, but this Poacher Trap activates the hummingbirds as they'll fly up into the screen and disable these traps, giving you a chance to shoot your bubbles in safety for a limited period of time.

With these powers, you'll have the chance to mix and match their different abilities until you've found those that work best for you. There's always the possibility that other powers will be added to the game at some point in the future, and if that ends up happening, we'll make sure to let you know.

What do you think of these Bubble Safari powers? Which ones are your favorite ones? Sound off in the comments.