Bop It! Smash: Test your reflexes for free on iOS


Back in February of 2011, Electronic Arts released Bop It! on iOS. The game released for $2.99 way back then, and it still costs $0.99 to download. If that's still too high of a price tag for your virtual gaming budget, you can now download Chillingo's Bop It! Smash on your iPhone or iPad for free.

Bop It! Smash is a specialized version of the reflex-testing game, asking you to tap anywhere on your device's screen, or even "smash" into its side with your palm, in order to capture a ball of light that bounces around the screen. The longer you play, the more points you'll earn and the faster these balls of light will travel. Once you make a single mistake, it's game over, but there are a few power-ups you can purchase (using the coins you earn while playing, or can purchase with real cash) to extend your game time. For one, you can purchase a do-over power up that gives you another chance to play before finally hitting the game over screen. Another power-up allows you to skip directly to level 3, where the challenge starts to pick up.


While playing, you'll fill meters that activate bonus rounds and multi-light bonuses, and you'll be able to really test your reflexes by catching all light balls in the very center of the screen, in a "bullseye" fashion. Bop It! Smash is a hectic, fast-paced experience, but it lacks in depth and longevity outside of the first few games.

There are in-game achievements that will attempt to keep you coming back for more, but outside of the first few minute with the app, there's just not enough content to keep this writer hooked. You can try out the game for yourself by downloading it for free on iTunes.

Click here to download Bop It! Smash on iTunes --->

Do you like the regular Bop It! app on your iPhone or iPad? Do you think this Bop It! Smash game will earn a permanent spot on your device? Sound off in the comments!