Apple Unveils 'Mothership' Campus That Braces for Disaster

Apple Mothership campus
Apple Mothership campus

It's been dubbed the "mothership," the "donut" and the "retrograde cocoon," but whether you love it or hate it, Apple's newest creation is creating a buzz. (How typical.)

The latest plans for Apple's future, a ring-shaped corporate campus in Cupertino, Calif., reveal that the 300,000-square-foot structure (to house up to 13,000 Apple employees) will be packed to the gills with the latest Apple in-office technology. (No surprise there.) However, the latest revision also reveals that it will boast a rectangular corporate auditorium for product demonstrations (to seat up to 1,000), a low-carbon central plant that will supply the campus' power, and 300,000 square feet of research facilities. Oh, and a fitness center.

The campus, which won't replace 1 Infinite Loop as the company's official headquarters, will also include a roof covered in photovoltaic solar panels, and base isolators constructed beneath the building's foundation to make the structure virtually earthquake-proof.

In case of drought, Armageddon or zombie attacks, the campus will also have its very own food supply. That's right: The new Apple structure will contain hundreds of cherry, apricot, plum, olive and apple trees onsite. Talk about locavore!

Apple announced last month that it plans to break ground on the project sometime later this year. The construction, however, hinges almost entirely on Cupertino's approval of the project. If the city gives Apple the OK, the company hopes to open the doors to its campus in 2015.

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