Abraham Lincoln now hunts vampires both on screen and Facebook

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Hidden Haunts
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Hidden Haunts

For a man that's been dead for nearly 150 years, Abraham Lincoln sure is a man of many talents. Not only is the 16th President of the United States a closet vampire slayer on the big screen, he's been caught in the act on Facebook, too. Making Fun, the social games division of News Corp, has teamed up with Fox to bring Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter to its flagship game, Hidden Haunts.

Nine scenes from the upcoming feature film have been condensed into hidden-object scenes within Hidden Haunts to help promote the flick before it hits theaters June 22. Abraham hunts vampires, while Hidden Haunts players hunt for hidden objects. Let's see you try and think up a better fit for this movie tie-in other than "Hey, it's the cool thing to do!"

"Hidden Haunts is a game defined by a dark, supernatural tone and vintage-styled, photo-realistic scenes," Making Fun president John Welch said in a release. "We are excited by this opportunity, knowing that 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter's' history-bending tone will sync perfectly with the game, allowing fans of the film to interact with characters and scenes, on an individual basis and with Facebook friends."

Click here to play Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter scenes in Hidden Haunts on Facebook now >

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