Think Working In Travel Industry Is Glamorous? Read This

Dreaming of working for an airline or on a cruise ship? Choose your employer carefully, or else you may find yourself miserable.

Glassdoor compiled anonymous employee ratings to create its latest Travel Industry Report Card, the career site's rankings of the best and worst employers in the industry. The survey found Pinnacle Airlines, which filed for bankruptcy in April, to be the worst of the worst.

Despite its name, employees of the regional carrier gave the company an overall score of 1.8 out of a possible 5 points. Among such criteria as "career opportunities" and "compensation and benefits," employees gave "senior leadership" -- which includes CEO Sean Menke -- the lowest score.

Menke received just a 17 percent approval rating, among the more than 50 Pinnacle employees who wrote reviews on Glassdoor's site.

One worker wrote: "This is a bottom of the barrel airline. They work you until you quit, if you can afford to do that." The anonymous reviewer from Minneapolis also said that as with other U.S. corporations, executives at Pinnacle are "scandalously overpaid."

In an emailed statement, spokesman Joe Williams said Pinnacle's recent descent into bankruptcy "has resulted in significant changes and cost cutting measures, which puts tremendous strain on an organization." He added that the company looks forward to "strengthening our work environment" as the company winds up its restructuring this year.

Avis Budget Employees Feel Nearly As Miserable

The second lowest score in Glassdoor's survey goes to car-rental giant Avis Budget Group. With 2.4 points, it didn't score quite as low as Pinnacle, but employees thought little enough of the company for it to still receive the same "dissatisfied" rating.

Workers complained of long hours and poor morale. Still, company CEO Ronald Nelson fared far better with his staff, earning a 67 percent approval rating.

Rounding out the bottom five travel-related companies were:

  • Car-rental company Hertz Corp. (2.5 points).
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines (2.7).
  • Frontier Airlines (2.7).

Each scored at least high enough to achieve an "OK" rating, according to Glassdoor.

UPDATE: In an emailed response, Hertz spokeswoman Paula Rivera said in part that the company was a "little surprised" by the results, noting that the findings are inconsistent with its own "high and still improving survey participation and results."

AOL Jobs reached out to each of the lowest-scoring companies, though none besides Pinnacle immediately returned our requests for comment.

A sampling of comments from workers at these companies revealed similar complaints, including long hours, low pay, lack of morale and stressful working conditions.

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