CastleVille: Celebrate Disney / Pixar's Brave with limited edition items


In addition to the Brave quests that have launched in CastleVille, bringing archery to our Kingdoms, there's also a new set of limited edition Brave items available to purchase in the store for Crowns, Reputation Hearts and coins. Here's a look at the newly released items, so you'll know what to expect when you go shopping in your own game.

Bear Statue - 4,000 coins
Bear Totem - 2 Crowns
Brave Sheep - 10 Crowns
Celtic Torch - 5,000 coins
Clan Banner - 5,000 coins
Elinor's Crown - 40 Reputation Hearts
Elinor's Top - 18,500 coins
Elinor's Dress - 8 Crowns

Fergus's Kilt - 7 Crowns
Fergus's Shirt - 7 Crowns
Forest Bungalow - 25 Crowns
Merida's Archery Dress - 6 Crowns
Merida's Archery Shirt - 6 Crowns
Merida's Dress - 8 Crowns
Merida's Top - 8 Crowns
Mysterious Rock - 4 Crowns

Wisp Tree - 6 Crowns
Wooden Throne - 25 Reputation Hearts

It's unlikely that other items will launch in this set, as cross-promotions tend to be fairly self-contained (that is, everything tends to be released at the same time). If this changes, and more items launch in the store, we'll make sure to let you know!

What do you think of these Brave themed items in the CastleVille store? Will you purchase any of these outfits for your avatar? Sound off in the comments!