FarmVille Jade Falls Fortunes: Everything you need to know

First seen in FarmVille's Winter Wonderland, the idea of a mystery "treasure" that must be unlocked by collecting shovels, pick axes or other tools has carried into Jade Falls in the form of "Fortunes." Since there are three different areas upon which to farm in Jade Falls (terraces, land and water), you'll also be able to unlock three different kinds of fortunes: stone, bamboo and water.

These three fortunes come in different sizes, but luckily, each specific kind requires the same tool. For example, a Medium Bamboo Fortune may require 28 Small Axes to open, while a Small Bamboo Fortune needs 10 Small Axes. Likewise, a Small Water Fortune requires 10 Boat Hooks while the Large Water Fortune requires 25.

As you might have expected, these tools can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you, or by purchasing them with Farm Cash if you don't want to wait. It's likely that you'll receive some exclusive items by opening up these treasures, but even if you come across duplicates, you'll need to open them to gain access to the land or water underneath them, as they unfortunately can't be moved. Good luck opening them all!

What do you think of these three kinds of Jade Falls Fortunes? Have you opened any? What sorts of prizes did you receive inside if you have? Sound off in the comments!