FarmVille: Breed and master your Dream Horses


Do you remember the Horse Studio feature that launched in FarmVille back in February? This feature allows users to create their own dream horses by combining a variety of hairstyles and colors, accessories and more, paying more Farm Cash for each and every addition they make (from wings and horns to even having hair in the first place). Many casual horse collectors didn't see the point of paying so much Farm Cash (dozens of Farm Cash for anything "pretty"), as these horses couldn't be bred or mastered. Now, though, that has all changed.

With the launch of the loading screen seen above, we've learned that Dream Horse mastery and breeding is now starting to roll out to all farmers, giving you more incentive than ever before to actually shell out the Farm Cash on a custom-designed horse. Now, you can master these horses to earn specific mastery signs, and can even breed them. Whether or not the babies will turn out as beautiful (or not) as their parents remains to be seen, but at least the option is there!

With this continued focus on custom animals in FarmVille, does this mean that other custom animal studios are on their way? We'll keep an eye on things and will let you know if anything interesting shows up on our farms. Stay tuned!

Have you created your own Dream Horse in the Horse Studio? Will the ability to breed and master these horses finally be the push for you to do so? Sound off in the comments!