CityVille Skyway Gardens: Everything you need to know

If your bank account is running low in CityVille, you can now try your hand at building the new Skyway Gardens feature in your town. This new building project is another in a lengthy line of long and narrow items that can be upgraded through multiple levels with the promise of 1 million coins waiting on the other end. Hopefully, unlike past events, this feature will actually award those millions of coins to users that have earned them, but of course, you'll need to actually earn them before that becomes and issue. Here's how to get started!

You'll receive a series of goals in the game, starting with "Upward Growth," which asks you to complete three steps:

  • Place and upgrade Skyway Gardens to Level 2

  • Build 3 Skyway Gardens buildings

  • Ask friends for 10 Flower Pots

These Skyway Gardens buildings are items like an Oasis Park, Balalaika Shop, Lakeside Lodge and more. There doesn't appear to be an apparent rhyme or reason as to the classification of these buildings as "Skyway Gardens" buildings, so just click on the "Show Me" button within this goal to see the full list of qualifying items. You'll receive 1,000 Premium Goods and five Energy for finishing this goal.

As for the actual construction of the Skyway Gardens, just reaching level 2 requires 9 items:

  • 2 Pink Flowers

  • 5 Garden Bricks

  • 2 White Flowers

These items are earned by collecting from specific kinds of buildings. In this particular case, all three can be earned by collecting from "green" buildings. Of course, you won't be guaranteed to receive an item each time you collect from a building, so a matter of luck will have to come into play as well. As you upgrade the Skyway Gardens, your town will earn boosts. Upgrading to Level 2, for instance, allows you to have 1,800 more citizens move into your town, while offering your town 250 coins in profits when you collect from this makeshift community building.

Luckily, it doesn't appear as though there's a time limit on finishing this building's construction, so feel free to take your time (for now). If a time limit appears for the 1 million coin payout at the end, we'll make sure to let you know!

Are you going to try and complete this Skyway Gardens building? What do you think of its color-themed building requirements? Sound off in the comments!