FarmVille Gopher Garden: Everything you need to know

Offering another nature-themed building project to FarmVille is the Gopher Garden, a new item that will see gophers appearing on your farm, and you being given the chance to collect various prizes for interacting with them.

Once you begin, you'll be able to collect Gopher Treats to lure out gophers, with their being five levels of them and ten different gophers to capture in all. Once you've collected some treats, the only thing you'll have to do is harvest crops and gophers will appear at random on your farm plots as you do so. If you have treats, you'll be able to have a chance at nabbing these critters, and can keep track of which o the 10 you've captured by looking inside your Gopher Garden's progress tab.

Here's a helpful list of gopher availability and the prizes you'll unlock as you capture them, thanks to Zynga:

You'll need to collect certain amounts of Gophers to unlock access to further levels, with the below being the ratio:

  • Level 2: Catch 9 Gophers

  • Level 3: Catch 24 Gophers

  • Level 4: Catch 74 Gophers

  • Level 5: Catch 158 Gophers

You will need to click on gophers to actually capture them, so make sure to look at your farmland before switching farms to make sure you've not missed any gophers that appeared along the way!

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