PlayFirst's Mall Stars is now available free on the US Apple Store

Mall Stars for iPhone
Mall Stars for iPhone

PlayFirst's Mall Stars, a mall-building game first made available in Canada, is now be available on the US Apple App store. The game, which we wrote about a few months ago, allows players to design malls that cater to 10 different customers, or "Stars," with individual preferences for products and attractions. Players fill their malls with products in order to attract the Stars to their stores.

Unlike other games by PlayFirst, Mall Stars bypasses the "Dash" style of gameplay in favor of a slower and more relaxed gaming environment. The primary goal of the game is to keep customers happy by stocking the right combo of products, and earn bonus points by helping Stars find specific items, which lead them into Shopping Frenzies.

Mall Stars launched with 10 different Stars, each with an individual back-stories and preferences. Those stars include sports legend Duncan Hoops, who frequents the Sports-a-Holic store, and reality star Cathy Cashian, who prefers fashions from the Louie Baton boutique. Mall Stars plans to add more characters in the future.


Although the game starts out with only three main stores, one small store, and one attraction, you can turn your podunk shop-a-lot into a Mall of America-style palace of consumerism. Make all of those mall management dreams come true by downloading the game for free for the iPod, iPhone, or iPad from the App Store.