Pioneer Trail: The VIP club offers exclusive bonuses at a high price

While Facebook games are free to play by design, we have seen a few developers try the subscription route, offering extra items to players willing to pay a few real world dollars each month (look at Gardens of Time, for instance). Now, Zynga has jumped into the subscription game, offering the VIP Club to Pioneer Trail players.

The VIP Club costs $19.99 per month, and if you're willing to pay such a high price (considering the game's many bugs and other technical issues), you'll receive the following:

  • Exclusive VIP badge on your avatar

  • 3x the XP for every action completed

  • A Level Cap increase to 250

  • Avatars that constantly move 4x faster

It's unclear right now if the 3x XP boost will also count for goal rewards (say, if a goal rewarded 500 XP, would that suddenly be 1,500 for VIPs?), but we do know that the avatar movement increase counts not only for your specific avatar, but also to your in-game family members.

If you're interested in becoming a VIP, you can find the menu under the backpack symbol in the game's user interface (where you'd also find your collections and inventory). Is $20 a month too high a price to pay for Pioneer Trail? You tell us.

Will you be signing up for the VIP club in Pioneer Trail? Are there any other Zynga games you would be willing to subscribe to in order to earn extra items or stat bonuses? Sound off in the comments.