Pioneer Trail: Watch videos for free Horseshoes


The "Watch and Earn" mechanic has been in place in many of Zynga's games for years, allowing players to watch a commercial or gameplay trailer and earn premium currency back in the game, and now a similar system has come to Pioneer Trail. If you're still using the Frontier Favors system (in the Bulletin Board), you can now complete specific Favors to earn Horseshoes in return.

The first of these tasks asks you to watch a video about Bubble Safari in a goal called "A Favor for Hank," which also requires you to collect 23 Neighborly Hands and harvest six Super Pineapples. Ultimately, if you're just interested in the Horseshoes, you don't have to complete these two tasks and can simply allow the timer to run out before getting another favor to try again, but you will receive rewards for completing the goals if you go through with them.

There's no telling how many Horseshoes will be given away or how frequently, but it does make that Frontier Favors feature seem a lot more worthwhile. Keep checking out your own game for more chances to win Horseshoes for free!

Are you excited about these (apparently permanent) way to earn additional Horseshoes for your Homestead in Pioneer Trail? Sound off in the comments!

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