Game of the Day: Many Balls


Sharp eyes and a quick mind are needed in today's Game of the Day, Many Balls, a balls-busting number-cruncher. You must count balls correctly in order to advance through the levels. Good visual acuity is paramount here, because while this game starts off easy, it quickly becomes challenging as the balls overlap and differently colored balls emerge.

In each level, you're presented with a jumble of balls and have several seconds to count them. (Pro-tip: There's no time bonus or penalty so don't feel pressured to hit the "I Know!" button too soon.) Following your time's up, you're taken to the guessing box, where you click to the number of balls that you think you saw. Perfect counts lead to extra lives and you start off with 10 lives. Incorrect counts lose lives, but even if that happens, as long as you don't guess too far off the mark, you'll get to score points. Currently, the first place player is Stephen with 2,037 points, making him the Rain Man of this game. If you've got the balls, brains, and eyes for this game, check out Many Balls now!

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How many levels have you passed in Many Balls?