FarmVille Jade Falls: Go on a shopping spree on these new items

While limited edition items have been launched in FarmVille's Jade Falls theme previously, the launch of the actual Jade Falls farm has brought with it many permanent items that are available to purchase specifically in your new farm's marketplace. There are new buildings, crops and more available to plant (and perhaps master, depending on the item), so we're here with a look at what you can expect from the store if you choose not to purchase access to the farm right away.


Sichuan Pepper - 3 Jade Coins per square
Nori (Water Only) - 60 Jade Coins per square
Sticky Rice (Terrace Only, Will Never Wither) - 150 Jade Coins per square

Jade Coins are the new currency in Jade Falls, similar to how Coconuts are the free currency in Hawaiian Paradise.


Chinese Mulberry Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Fujian Birch Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Cherry Blossom Tree - 8 Farm Cash


Gray Raccoon Dog - 12 Farm Cash
Whitetail Mongoose - 12 Farm Cash
Mongolian Cow - 20 Farm Cash
Bengal Slow Loris - 12 Farm Cash
Black Dragon - 20 Farm Cash
Tibetan Wolf - 14 Farm Cash
Marco Polo Sheep - 14 Farm Cash
Mini Panda - 12 Farm Cash
Przwalski Horse - 22 Farm Cash
Jade Dragon - 23 Farm Cash
Samurai Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Imperial Dragon - 24 Farm Cash
Black Neck Crane - 12 Farm Cash
Kulan - 22 Farm Cash
Akita - 14 Farm Cash
Eurasian Beaver - 12 Farm Cash
Finless Porpoise (Water Only) - 14 Farm Cash


Chicken Coop - 5,000 Jade Coins
Hebel Farm House - 15 Farm Cash
Floating Restaurant (Water Only) - 20 Farm Cash
Gansu Farm House - 20 Farm Cash
Village Shop - 20 Farm Cash
Okinawan Castle - 1 million Jade Coins or 25 Farm Cash
Unfinished Garage - 5,000 Jade Coins


Taiko Drum - 4 Farm Cash
Panda Balloon - 12 Farm Cash
Koi Pond - 12 Farm Cash
Japanese War Kite - 16 Farm Cash
Rickshaw - 6 Farm Cash
Chrysanthemum Bed - 1 Farm Cash
Imperial Fence - 2 Farm Cash
Kung Fu Gnome - 12 Farm Cash
Lotus Flower (Water Only) - Farm Cash
Pole Lantern - 2 Farm Cash
Grass Path - 200 Jade Coins or 1 Farm Cash
Small Bamboo - 150 Jade Coins or 1 Farm Cash
Stone Path - 350 Jade Coins or 1 Farm Cash
Rock Garden Piece 3 - 3 Farm Cash
Rock Garden Piece 2 - 3 Farm Cash
Medium Bamboo - 300 Jade Coins or 1 Farm Cash
Imperial Gate - 4 Farm Cash
Pole Boat (Water Only) - 5 Farm Cash
Rock Garden Piece 1 - 3 Farm Cash
Sake Barrel - 1 Farm Cash
Water Ripple (Water Only) - 1 Farm Cash

In addition to these items (again, these are those that don't come with an expiration date), you'll be able to purchase themed farming vehicles, including a Combine for fast three-step-farming. If additional permanent items are added to the FarmVille Jade Falls theme, we'll make sure to let you know.

What do you think of these Jade Falls items? Which ones will you splurge on with Farm Cash, if any? Sound off in the comments.