FarmVille: Take a trip to Jade Falls for Farm Cash


Jade Falls has officially launched in FarmVille, and if you're willing to pay 45 Farm Cash to access it (less than $10), you'll be able to travel then right now!

Once you start in Jade Falls, you'll have limits on farming both on land and water, along with the new Terrace section. You can have 20 land plots, eight terrace squares and eight water plots to start, and will have access to new quests, store items and more in your journey to build yet another farm into a prosperous piece of land.

In terms of storage, you'll receive 100 spaces for free in this new farm, and will have some treasures to unlock with the help of friends. Other than the new themed items and the terrace farming feature, Jade Falls comes with all of the basic gameplay elements that you'd expect from a FarmVille farm, so feel free to jump right in and experience it for yourself!

Are you excited about jumping into Jade Falls in FarmVille, or are you going to wait until the farm launches for free for everyone? Sound off in the comments.

Originally published