FarmVille: Play Bubble Safari for free Unwithers


The Bubble Safari cross-promotional train has come to stop in FarmVille, offering farmers a chance at up to 10 Unwithers for completing three different tasks in Bubble Safari. You'll notice that this is different from past cross-promotions (regardless of the games), as these normally offer you one bulk prize for completing a single action. Here, you're allowed to stop whenever you want, and will receive different tiers of prizes depending on how far you make it into Bubble Safari.

For simply playing Bubble Safari, you'll receive a single Unwither for use on your farms. If you play Bubble Safari until you've reached the second area of the game, you'll receive three more Unwither Boosts, for a running total of four. Finally, if you reach the fourth area (or Region) of the game, you'll receive a set of six more Unwither Boosts, bringing the grand total to 10 Unwither potions in all.

Completing all three stages of this promotion will likely take quite a bit of time, so keep playing Bubble Safari whenever your energy has recharged to have the best chance of reaching Region 4 (and earning all of these Unwithers) before the cross-promotion ends.

Have you already reached Region 4 of Bubble Safari, or will you need to spend quite a bit of time playing to finish off this three-part promotion? Sound off in the comments.