10 Things Employers Discriminate Against -- But Don't Tell You

employer hiring discrimination
employer hiring discrimination

There is one truth every job seeker must understand: Hiring IS discrimination.

With so many potential candidates applying to jobs these days, hiring managers have become very picky. The overwhelming selection forces them to look for ways to screen out applicants and narrow the choices.

Here are 10 things that could cause you to be discriminated against without you even suspecting. Hiring managers will never tell you that:

  1. Your interview attire is a turn-off (too flashy, outdated, sexy, ugly).

  2. Your physical appearance is unattractive (sloppy, severe, depressing, uncomfortable).

  3. Your eye contact is suspect (you look away, blink too much, have shifty eyes).

  4. Your handshake is uncomfortable (too weak, too strong, clammy).

  5. You have word tics (you say ah/um too much, you use the word 'like' excessively).

  6. Your communication style isn't a match (you speak too fast, too slow, too loud, too soft).

  7. You come off wrong (use too many complex words, sound cocky, appear unintelligent, shy, confused, lazy).

  8. Your body language sends the wrong message (giggle/fidget/act awkward/have facial tics/lack expression).

  9. You don't seem really interested in the company and job (lack sincerity/self-confidence/clarity/conviction).

  10. You don't send the right professional vibe (don't "click" with the hiring manager even though they can't figure out why).