Pioneer Trail Courthouse: Everything you need to know


Pioneer Trail players can now take the fight for justice to the final level by helping Sheriff Mae work in the new Courthouse on your Homestead. Of course, you'll need to build the Courthouse before you can actually use it, and there are five themed goals to complete along the way.

3:10 to FrontierVille

  • Ask 8 Friends to Escort Birdie to Court

  • Complete First Building Phase of the Courthouse

  • Collect 20 Reinforced Axes

The Axes can be found at random when tending Apricot Trees. You'll receive 200 coins, 200 XP and a Fast Hands boost for completing this goal.

A Red Letter Day

  • Collect 20 Certified Parcels

  • Collect 25 Tattered Envelopes

  • Investigate 4 Encrypted Messages

The Certified Parcels drop from tending adult cows, while the Tattered Envelopes drop from tending adult pigs. You'll receive 400 XP, 400 coins and a Golden Gavel Statue for completing this goal.

A Red Letter Day (2)

  • Collect 30 Sheriff's Reports

  • Complete Second Phase of the Courthouse

  • Investigate 4 Footprints

The Sheriff's Reports can be earned at random when harvesting broccoli. You'll earn 600 XP, 600 coins and 18 Collectible Crates when completing this goal.

Stool Pigeon

  • Complete Final Phase of the Courthouse

  • Turn in Two Nefarious collections

  • Investigate 3 Torn Fabric Clues

Rewards: 800 XP, 800 coins and Stool Pigeon

One Ring

  • Collect 15 Loose Dirt

  • Collect 40 Worthless Junk

  • Find Mae's Ring in a Bandit Stashbox

Loose Dirt can be found when tending rocks, while the Worthless Junk is earned by chopping into Oak Trees. Finally, Bandit Stashboxes are found at random when tending Oak Trees and grass.

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

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