Game of the Day: Desktop Tower Defense Pro

Kixeye's best known to Facebook gamers for Backyard Monsters, but they first hit it big with Desktop Tower Defense, a web game created under their original name, The Casual Collective. So it's a great honor to welcome today's Game of the Day, Desktop Tower Defense Pro, the final version of a game first launched in March 2007. Folks that have never tried a tower defense game might be put off by the crazy amount of options, especially in the Pro version, but let me tell you this -- if you loved PopCap's Plants vs Zombies, then you already know how to play a tower defense game.

Winning in a tower defense game involves fending off waves of attackers by building weapon stations and upgrading them accordingly. In PopCap's game, your enemies are zombies and the plants are your weapons. In DTD, your enemies are little blobs marching on your desk and your weapons are various types of gun turrets. I recommend that beginners play through the first 5 levels in Scenario mode to get up to speed. Plus, there's plenty of other modes for experienced players to tinker with, such as Sandbox (design your own level), Sprint (race-against-the-clock), and Multiplayer.

Play Desktop Tower Defense Pro!

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