FarmVille Summer Countdown contents revealed!

While Zynga hasn't officially confirmed that the daily countdown feature in FarmVille is a permanent one, with the recent launch of so many two-week countdowns giving away so many prizes to farmers, it would be easy to make that assumption. The newest countdown in the game takes advantage of the impending arrival of summer and is called (appropriately enough) the Summer Countdown.

For the 12 days, you'll be given the chance to ask your friends for collectible items, and can expect to win the following items for your efforts, according to FVNation:

Day 1 - Sleeping Bear
Day 2 - Barbecue Gnome
Day 3 - Watermelon Sheep
Day 4 - Jump Rope Squirrel
Day 5 - Tanning Pig
Day 6 - Climbing Tree
Day 7 - Hula Hoop Cat
Day 8 - Hopscotch Rabbit
Day 9 - Hiking Chicken
Day 10 - Animals Roasting Marshmallows
Day 11 - Tubing Duck
Day 12 - Summer Cherry Tree

As usual, if you can walk away with one of each of these 12 prizes, you'll receive another special prize at the end as your ultimate reward: the Summer Stallion. Remember, this feature will only be available for a limited time, so you'll need to stay on top of things and send out those requests for items every chance you get. Good luck earning all of the prizes in this event!

What do you think of the prizes in this Summer Countdown in FarmvVille? Sound off in the comments!