E3 2012: Where's My Water meets Phineas and Ferb on iOS, Android

Where's My Perry?
Where's My Perry?

How do you make Disney's most popular mobile game even more popular? Disney looks to be on a tear this year in the mobile and social space, now slapping its Phineas and Ferb onto its mobile hit, Where's My Water. Charmingly titled Where's My Perry, this essentially sounds like a palette swap, slapping a Phineas and Ferb likeness onto the puzzling play hook of Where's My Water.

Of course, this release stars Perry the Platypus as he guides flowing pipes of water to help him escape from a predicament of subterranean proportions. To mix things up, this version of Where's My Water--let's just call it what it is, people--introduces new power-ups known as "Crazy-inators" that can turn water into steam, ice or back to liquid again.

We look to have more on Where's My Perry along with all the rest of Disney's E3 catalog (like these recently-announced games) later this week as we scramble across the show floor. Where's My Perry is slated to launch on the App Store and Google Play later this month.

Are you psyched for a new take on Where's My Water? Is this not original enough for Phineas and Ferb? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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