SimCity Social: Get a head start by liking the game's fan page

Revealed at EA's 2012 press conference at E3, SimCity Social is already gunning for your loyalty on Facebook by offering free prizes in the final version of the game if you like its official Facebook fan page.

Unlike other promotions, that see items being given out at certain Like thresholds (say, a free item being given away at 1 million total Likes on the fan page), this one asks you to Like the game's fan page and then share that with your friends to receive three items in the process.

The first item is a Neighborhood Sign that is awarded for simply clicking on the page's Like button. The second prize is awarded for sharing a news post to your wall, and it comes in the form of a Sims Billboard. Finally, if you agree to sign up for the game's newsletter, you'll receive a lovely Tree Grove decoration. it's likely that the game's fan page will end up giving away more items over time, so make sure to Like it now if you're at all interested in these exclusive items.

What do you think of SimCity Social based on what we've seen so far? Sound off in the comments.

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