E3 2012: New Super Mario Bros. U takes a cue from Facebook

MarioThe new hotness in the Mushroom Kingdom is New Super Mario Bros. U. Nintendo announced the flagship Mario release for Wii U during its E3 2012 briefing, and revealed a few details for what will make this take on the Wii classic unique. Namely, it's all about the social. In fact, this version of Super Mario Bros. takes a hint or two from the Facebook gaming world.

More specifically, the game's over world features real-time social updates from players' friends that we're sure Nintendo hopes will spur competition in special speed runs. Players can help one another achieve better times in each level and brag about their achievements immediately. Aside from the new release looking sharp on-screen, that's about all we'll know about New Super Mario Bros. U until we get some time with it on the show floor.

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