E3 2012: Three Mario games makes a crowd on Nintendo 3DS

New Super Mario Bros. 2
New Super Mario Bros. 2

The Mario maker has gone Mario mad. Nintendo showed off three new Mario games for its 3DS handheld game console. New Super Mario Bros. 2 is due out this August, and places a major focus on a gaming trope that Mario helped create: gold coins. Nearly every action in the game generates the goodies--talk about a strong feedback loop.

Next up is Paper Mario: Sticker Star, another entry in the famed sub franchise that focuses on 3D visuals and special stickers that players can use to advance in each stage. Finally, Nintendo touted a bit more of Luigi's Mansion for 3DS and tacked on a subtitle: Dark Moon. According to Nintendo, players will explore multiple mansions with a heavier focus on ghost catching, boss fighting and mission-based play hooks.

It looks like Mario (and his bro) will be all over the Nintendo map this year, with a new Super Mario Bros. game in the works for the Wii U console as well. Of course, more details to come from the show floor this week.

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